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Bishop Larkin Catholic School
In 1989, the West Pasco Catholic School opened on the grounds of St. James Parish in Port Richey. The name was later changed to Bishop Larkin Catholic School to honor Bishop Emeritus Thomas Larkin of the Diocese of St. Petersburg. In 1990, the school moved to St. Michael the Archangel Parish in Hudson where it was temporarily quartered. In1998,Bishop Larkin Catholic School moved to its permanent home in Port Richey. We celebrated our 20th Anniversary in the Fall of 2009.
Mission Statement:
Bishop Larkin Catholic School honors our past, embraces our present, and envisions the future in a Christ-centered learning environment that fosters spiritual and academic growth. We work in partnership with our parents and parish communities to inspire students to flourish in the Catholic traditions of compassion, service, and leadership.
Bishop Larkin Catholic School's Belief Statements:  
  1. Bishop Larkin Catholic School believes that each student is a unique child of God, whose spiritual growth is nourished through prayer, liturgies, and celebrations of the sacraments.
  2. We believe that our parents, pastors, principal, teachers, students, and parishioners all share responsibility for the mission of the school.
  3. We believe that an ongoing evaluation and improvements to the curriculum promote the religious and academic education of the whole child.
  4. Through respect, communication, and hands-on activities, Bishop Larkin Catholic School provides a safe and nurturing learning environment. Students are challenged to demonstrate an understanding of knowledge and skills across the curriculum for their continued education and future development.
  5. Through character development and participation in community and global service projects, students respond to the needs of their brothers and sisters in Christ, preparing them for their future roles as faith-filled Christian citizens.
Bishop Larkin Catholic School dedicates itself to the mission of educating student within a Christian framework following the guidelines of the Diocese of Saint Petersburg. These guidelines founded on the love of Jesus Christ, are infused into all areas of the curriculum. Bishop Larkin is committed to spiritual growth, academic excellence, and personal development. The school has 18 classrooms, a state-of-the-art computer lab where students can work independently, a science lab, an art room, a music suite, and a large media center. Classrooms are equipped with interactive learning tools called SMART Boards. Our students are challenged and encouraged to become lifelong learners. Through the acquisition and use of technology, the faculty of Bishop Larkin Interparochial Catholic School endeavors to bring its students into the twenty-first century.
The faculty and administration are aware that all children are unique. Accordingly, our curriculum and our lesson plans reflect the teaching strategies of both inductive and deductive reasoning and their associated learning skills. Interactions among teachers, parents, and students are demonstrated in creative approaches to religion, social studies, language arts, mathematics, science and science projects, the fine arts, music, and physical education, as well as extra- curricular activities.
Bishop Larkin Interparochial Catholic School seeks to provide an environment that embodies the four hallmarks of Catholic education: message, community, service, and prayer. Daily prayer and weekly Mass provide nourishment and outward expression for the spiritual growth and development of the school community. Spiritual and intellectual growth and development are implemented in all class settings. We strive to provide our students with a deep sense of faith, responsibility, and commitment of service to both our local and global communities.
"Act Justly, love tenderly, walk humbly"