Bishop Larkin Catholic School - Academics - Port Richey, FL
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Academic Curriculum:

The mathematics program encourages students to think critically and independently and gives the students a working knowledge of numbers and a practical application to everyday situations
Our staff believes and promotes the ideas that:
  • Math is valuable in one’s life for survival.
  • Math is for everyone.
  • Math is connected to other instructional areas and the real world.
  • Problem solving is the primary purpose of math.
Advanced math is offered to students in grade eight.  To qualify students must have scored an 8 or 9 stanine on standardized tests and quarter averages of 90 % or higher. 
A student being considered for 8 grade high-school level Algebra 1 should demonstrate the following:
  • Is an independent learner.
  • Is a mature thinker who can deal with abstractions.
  • Has mastered the fundamentals of arithmetic.
  • Demonstrates superior cognitive ability.
  • Is able to do mathematical calculations without using a calculator.
  • Has a strong work ethic.
  • Has a sense of numbers.
  • Has a strong reading comprehension skill.

Instructional programs include a well-balanced approach to the world of Life, Physical, and Earth Sciences.  Classroom experiences include a science lab for experiments.   Advanced Science is offered to students in grades six, seven and eight.  To qualify students must have scored an 8 or 9 stanine on standardized tests and quarter averages of 90 % or higher. 

Language Arts:
The language arts curriculum fosters an appreciation for language that leads students to read for pleasure, interest, and information.  Learning stimulates students to use the full range of thinking processes, familiarizes students with different types of writing, and provides a base for students on which to build listening, speaking, and thinking skills.  Vocabulary and composition skills, offer students clear and precise writing for language development.  Reading in grades one through six and literature in grades seven and eight are integral parts of the English and the Language Arts curriculum.

Social Studies:
The Social Studies curriculum is designed to develop well educated, lifelong learners who have are able to apply knowledge of history and the social sciences.  Students learn to adopt a set of Catholic Christian values and will be prepared to participate in the dynamics of an interdependent global and multicultural community. 
Foreign Language-Spanish:
The Spanish curriculum at BLCS introduces the children to the culture of Spanish-speaking people.  They begin to develop the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in an informal and relaxed environment.  This program not only teaches language skills and culture, but also equips students with learning habits and skills that will help them as they continue their studies in language in later years.

Spiritual Curriculum:

Religious training and faith formation are of the utmost importance, and form an integral part of school life.  All students attend daily religion classes which provide the foundation for a clear understanding of the Catholic faith and living out a faith commitment.  The student body has the opportunity to participate at mass on a weekly basis and reconciliation on a quarterly basis.

Every effort is made to lead the students to live his/her Christian commitment daily in all he/she does.  Parents are asked to cooperate in the faith formation of their children, especially through the example of their own Christian living in the circumstances of each day and in their faithful observances of the Sunday obligation.   School Masses are celebrated every Friday in the Centrum.  Respect for Jesus, prayerful quietness in the church, participation in singing, and responding to the prayers of the celebrant are very important aspects of the students’ and teachers’ lives.  We encourage parents to join our school community at our weekly masses and special events as often as possible.  Dates and times are listed in the monthly calendar.  Student attendance at liturgies includes full participation: kneeling, sitting, and standing at appropriate times.  Distracting others or irreverent behavior and talking are not tolerated.