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Early Childhood Program &
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The Early Childhood Program is designed to lead a child from wonder to discovery, developing and perfecting a wide range of skills with which to meet future educational challenges; most importantly he/she is taught to associate pleasure with learning.  This program also strives to provide the basis of all Christian goals developed within the entire school.

The three and four-year-old program consists of using religion, language arts and math readiness kits.  This program is a full day with a half day option.  All phases of motor skills development will also be continued with the use of music and art.  In all areas, the ideal of self-worth will continue to be developed as the transition from home to likable school atmosphere continues.   The kindergarten program is a continuation of the early childhood levels but now with a full day of activities.  The areas of religion, language arts, and math readiness are more extensive in order to fully prepare the child for the primary grades.  Classes involve art, computer, library, music, and physical education.