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Tuition Assistance

All require financial disclosure and have eligibility levels of income.

Financial Aid Information From the Diocese of St. Petersburg:  due March 31, 2016

Click the following link for Financial Aid information:  
  • Step Up for Students:  Open for enrollment
  • Facts Tuition Aid Information
  • Kremer Foundation:  due April 15, 2016
  • Riley Family Education Foundation:  contact BLCS for more information
  • Mary Forbes Foundation:  forms are available in the BLCS Office due April 15, 2016
  • Parish Assistance:  families apply directly to their pastor for assistance above subsidy 
Tuition Subsidy: 
Each Catholic family registered at one of our six Catholic parishes is required to present a verification of membership form to their pastor for his signature. This consideration is based on your contribution of time, treasure, and talent to your parish community.