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What recent graduates have to say....

"BLCS is a safe and well organized environment with the appropriate balance of education and fun brought together to help students stay focused and reach their goals.”

"They gave me a great foundation, not only in my Catholic Faith but in my academic future.  They gave me a great sense of determination, kindness, and perseverance that can help me in the future.”  
What our parents have to say.....

3 of my children attend Bishop Larkin. We love the school, the teachers, and the leadership!
"There is no place better than Bishop Larkin Catholic School.  My children spend the day in a caring environment conducive to learning.  The professionalism of every staff member and the level of instruction is second to none.  We are blessed to have found Bishop Larkin ~ and are thrilled to be able to have our children attend through 8th grade"
"You are doing a wonderful job providing our children with a great education."
"Another great year.  Thank you to everyone for all your hard work."
"I feel that the faculty of BLCS went above and beyond when it came to helping out my child.  They made themselves available all the time."
"We love Bishop Larkin school!  Teachers are supportive and recognize that every child has different needs and skill levels.  Keep up the great work!"
"Our son looks forward to going to school!"
"Thank you for the Thanksgiving Feast, Field Day, Enterprise Village and Celebrating the Arts Week.  These are all wonderful learning experiences that the children will always remember.  These are things that really make BLCS stand out."

"We sent our daughter to the local public elementary school for two years and were pleased with the results. However, when our son was ready to start school, we needed a little more flexibility and dialogue with the staff to feel comfortable having him make the leap from home to a full day of school. Since we enrolled them at BLCS we have been truly surprised by what school should have been all along and by what we should have been expecting from a school this whole time. It may be cliche to say that Bishop Larkin feels like one big family, but the level of involvement afforded the families is something just not possible in public schools. When you enroll your child at Bishop Larkin, you enroll the whole family."
"The academic environment at BLCS speaks for itself in the curriculum and past graduates.  I feel it is knowing that our children are in such a wonderful environment daily for 7 hours, while away from home that made me realize all the other advantages of BLCS.  In today’s times it is hard to find a great school that truly feels like an extended large family and everyone is cared for and trusted in that manner every day of the school year.  It is well worth the sacrifices we make to allow our children to attend BLCS."
What professionals have to say.....
 (The teachers I worked with) "would be in the top echelon of teachers I worked with over a twenty-nine year period.  Bishop Larkin is fortunate to have them on the staff!"
 Mr. Lou Garavente
Former Educator/School Professional Volunteer

I welcome your pictures from these wonderful events. I am always so impressed with all the great things going on at your school.  I say that as a veteran and retired teacher and reading specialist of 32 years.  I love hearing about schools that enrich the curriculum in so many great ways and my praises to you for all of those efforts. I miss the days when I taught gifted and could do so many enrichment type activities that moved the curriculum laterally in many ways.  Students benefit from that so much. Keep up the good work.

Gail Diederich
Community News Coordinator
Hometown Pasco/Pasco Times
Tampa Bay Times
Retired Pasco County Reading Specialist and Gifted Educator/Teacher

Words from Dr. Thomas Murray, University Education Professor, University of Central Florida regarding the 1st grade book project - "Vietnam Gets a Phone Call."  Spring 2010
BLCS has created a unique culture of academic success that is rare in schools.  All schools want the best from their students.  The reality, however, is there are all kinds of pressures in today’s schools that distract them from their academic mission.  BLCS has quality teachers that are encouraged to take academic risks.  They are supported in this effort by administration.  They are never discouraged from taking academic risk.  Instead, they are assisted by administration in navigating any difficult areas.  This might seem normal, but the reality of schools in today’s world finds administrators distracted from academics by legal issues, state mandates, social pressures, and violence in schools in middle and high school and behavioral issues in elementary.  Bishop Larkin has created a culture of academic success that encourages administration and teachers to focus on students first, not outside distractions.
I am a perfect example of Bishop Larkin’s culture of academic success.  As a grandparent in the school and a professional educator by profession, I was asked to do a Professional Development Day for the teachers.  I offered my help during that Professional Development Day on music analysis, photo analysis and student publication.  When I present I offer to help with the techniques any teacher wants to try.  Teachers seldom ask for help.  They just go back to teaching in a way they are comfortable.  Bishop Larkin’s teachers are different and eagerly took me up on my offer for help.  They invited me to their classrooms and eagerly allowed their students to explore new areas.  This book is just one of the outcomes of my time at Bishop Larkin. 
Academic excellence permeates the school.  Student publishing is just one example.  It is a special day when the books arrive and everyone gets to see the smiles on Sister Regina and Mrs. Peters’ faces as they glow with pride. I’m in schools all the time.  I can honestly say Bishop Larkin is one of the best schools I’ve experienced as a university professor.  I am lucky to have been able to interact with the BLCS students, teachers and administrators.  It’s refreshing to see their fanatical focus on student academic success.