Bishop Larkin Catholic School - Uniforms - Port Richey, FL
Bishop Larkin Catholic School - Company Message
Welcome letter from Risse Brothers (updated 6/14)

The purpose of the school uniform is:
1. To provide a means of identification and belonging to BLCS
2. To avoid competitive dressing
3. To provide for a neat and orderly appearance appropriate to the school atmosphere
4. To keep clothing costs down
BLCS has a contract with Risse Brothers Apparel for regular school uniforms and Payne's Advertising Specialties for Physical Education Uniforms.
All items except shoes must be purchased from Risse Brothers and Payne's.
Order forms for these items are given out at registration and are available at the school office.
Girls Uniforms
  • Blue plaid jumper or skorts or skirt (must not be more than 2" above the knee)  
  • Navy or khaki slacks or shorts (must not be more than 2" above the knee)  
  • White "Peter Pan Collar" blouse, red or blue knit polo shirt (K-5)  
  • Blue oxford shirt (6-8)
  • Navy blue crewsocks (ankle must be completely covered by socks)
  • All white athletic shoes  
  • Uniform navy blue cardigan sweater or school fleece jacket, no hood or zipper
  • Belts are required with pants and shorts

Boys Uniforms 
  • Navy blue or khaki slacks or shorts
  • Red or blue polo shirt (K-5)  
  • Blue oxford shirt (6-8)  
  • Navy blue crew socks (ankle must be completely covered by socks)
  • All white athletic shoes  
  • Navy blue cardigan sweater or school fleece jacket
  • Belts are required with pants and shorts  

Only official school uniform clothing items may be worn at school. In cold weather, a heavy coat may be worn over a school sweater or sweatshirt. Only the school sweater or sweatshirt may be worn in the building during the day.
Boys and Girls Physical Education
  • Bishop Larkin Gold-T-Shirt
  • Bishop Larkin Blue Shorts
  • Navy blue crew socks (Unadorned)
  • Sneakers (Unadorned)
  • Blue or Gray Sweats (Unadorned) may be worn in cooler months
General Uniform Guidelines: 
  • Fads, fashions, or dress, which disturb or distract from the learning atmosphere, are unacceptable and are not permitted. 
  • No face make-up, lipstick or artificial nail polish
  • No tattoos, body piercing or earrings
  • Good habits of hygiene and grooming are an important part of a child’s training.
  • Must be clean shaven (if applicable)
  • Pins and buttons related to school activities may be worn.
  • Special BLCS T-shirts sold by the 8th grade may be worn on half days of school and on a student's birthday.
  • Girls and boys may wear one necklace of a religious nature.  This necklace may not be oversized and should be tucked inside the blouse/shirt at all times.
  • Hairstyles must be of a conservative nature. Cuts and any styles that are associated with values contrary to the schools philosophy are not permitted. Boys’ hair should be cut over the ear and not touch their shirt collar, nor should the hair length impede vision. Artificial hair coloring is not permitted for any student regardless of age. (this includes streaking and highlighting)

 *When a problem occurs with a child’s attire or hair, the parents will be notified.
Out of Uniform Days
The standard form of dress for students is the school uniform. However, on special occasions during the year, students may dress out of uniform according to the “Out of Uniform Dress Codes.” We must always be conscious that our Catholic identity calls us to dress in a proper and modest manner that reflects a sense of self-respect, pride in our school, and consideration for the feelings and concerns of others. If a student’s clothing is not in keeping with the aforementioned standard, parents will be notified and must bring appropriate clothing to the school.
Keeping the above in mind, the following out of uniform day regulations must be adhered to:
Dresses (Sunday best), slacks, skirts, skorts or knee length shorts with an appropriate top. The proper length of all clothing shall be no more than 2 inches above the knee and at the discretion of the administration. Tops should be long enough to tuck in and remain tucked in when the arms are raised.  Absolutely no jeans or jean shorts are permitted.
Slacks or shorts (not over-sized and must be worn at the top of the hips) with a collared shirt. A belt must be worn if the slacks or shorts have belt loops.
The following items are never acceptable:
  • Unless specifically announced, jeans or casual dress is not permitted
  • Sleeveless tops and tank tops
  • Spandex shorts or leggings
  • Tops or blouses of sheer material
  • Midriff tops. T-Shirts (except special BLCS shirts.) 
  • Leather pants and skirts.
  • Open toed and/or open heeled shoes
  • Heels that are higher than the school uniform shoes
  • Platform shoes